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The core values of the Society are: integrity, accountability, transparency, professionalism, inclusivity/inclusiveness, cultural relevance, social responsibility and respect for diversity.



The strategic objectives of the Society are:

  • To protect the public by advocating for the highest professional standards amongst psychological and counselling practitioners in Jamaica.

  • To enhance the professional practice of psychology and counselling in order to serve the nation and its psychological needs.



The Jamaican Psychological Society aspires to be the professional body for psychologists and counsellors in Jamaica; while exemplifying high professional standards, providing quality continuing education, ensuring public awareness and advancing psychology and counselling as a profession.



To promote the development of professional psychologists and counsellors; and uphold ethical standards, conduct, and respect for diversity in the practice of psychology and counselling.

JamPsych Committees

Dr. Margarett Barnett


Mrs. Djavila Ho 


Ms. Christina Silvera

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Public Relations

Ms. Christina Fenton

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Dr. Kerri-ann Peart


Dr. Kimberly Ho Misiaszek

JamPsych Executives

Kai A. D. Morgan, PsyD

Immediate Past President

Dr. Kai A. D. Morgan is a registered clinical psychologist in Jamaica, with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology obtained from Carlos Albizu University in September 2001. She worked as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of the West Indies as a lecturer and the University Hospital of the West Indies for 15 years as a consultant in the Department of Community Health & Psychiatry.  In 2016, she moved into the entrepreneurial world to include a private practice and consultancy work, and other business endeavours. Dr. Morgan's private practice includes a team of more than 10 associate clinical psychologists (Masters level persons) and services include both therapy (e.g. for trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorders) and assessment (e.g. psychoeducational, personality, behavioural, neuropsychological) as well as research, training and consultancies for various purposes.


She is currently the Co-Chair of the Professional Practice & Standards Committee of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA), sits on the Executive Board of the Lister Mair / Gilby School for the Deaf, and is a member of the American Psychological Association's Global Psychology Alliance and the International Movement for Prescription Authority for Psychologists (IMPAP). Her interests for both research and clinical practice include trauma, sexual behaviour, couples / relationship dynamics, and Caribbean psychology. 


Finally after serving in various JamPsych executive roles for almost 20 years, she currently sits as the Immediate Past President of the Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych).



Djavila Ho, MSc

President (Acting)

Djavila Ho is a licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist in Kingston, Jamaica, who has been in clinical practice for over 10 years. She received her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology with Distinction from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. In addition to private practice, she has worked in diverse settings as the University Counsellor at Caribbean Maritime University, Clinical Psychologist at Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public Hospitals, and as a research and practicum supervisor for psychology students at the International University of the Caribbean and the Northern Caribbean University respectively. 


Her clinical practice focuses on adolescent and adult mental health care, trauma and stress-related disorders, grief, and mood disorders. She has a passion for mental health policy and initiatives focused on developing accessible, affordable and high quality mental health care. 


She is an International Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and has previously served on the Jamaican Psychological Society executive body as Director of Membership (3 years) and Vice President (1.5 years). She is currently the Acting President of the Jamaican Psychological Society.  




Margarett Barnett, PhD

Director of Advocacy


Dr. Margarett Barnett is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University College of the Caribbean and a Consultant at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. Dr. Barnett has spent over twenty years working in private, nonprofit organizations that focus on providing services to young people and their families. During this time she has worked as a Counsellor, Program Director, Trainer, Project Manager and Church/School Administrator.

Her professional interests are in the areas of integral psychology (particularly the intersection of psychology, spirituality & business), reflective processes such as dialogue and contemplative practices for building a high trust culture in organizations,  leadership studies (particularly servant leadership and transformational leadership), emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, renewal, passion, and life balance at work, family dynamics in the workplace, and long-term sustainability and fostering a triple bottom line in organizations.

Dr. Barnett enjoys a blend of work as an educator, researcher, and consultant. 




Janet Cain-Walters, PhD


Dr. Janet Cain-Walters is the Director of the Counselling & Psychological Services Centre at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and a Licensed Counselling Psychologist. She earned a PhD. In Counselling Psychology (emphasis in Marriage and Family therapy) from Northern Caribbean University. Dr. Cain-Walters provides clinical services to individuals, couples, families and children who are experiencing diverse mental health, relational and social issues. Dr. Cain-Walters is a Certified Clinical Supervisor who facilitates on-site practicum supervision for Undergrads, Master’s and Doctoral students (Northern Caribbean University) and at other sites. She continues to conduct seminars, workshops, conferences, outreach programmes in the communities, and serves as one of the hosts for the radio programme “Mind, Body and Soul” on NCU FM.




Christina Fenton, MA

Director of Public Relations

Christina completed a Masters of Arts in Communication Studies in 2003 from the UWI, Mona. She has worked in P.R. in the hospitality and fast food industries and was part of the original team of syllabus writers of the B.A. in Communication Arts and Technology offered at UTech where she taught for 11 years and obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Education, prior to changing careers to Counselling Psychology in 2017. Christina has worked in both agency settings and in private practice as a counsellor and is currently physically located in Vancouver, Canada. Christina transitioned into full-time private practice in January of 2021 after working in addictions and later, family counselling. She currently specializes in individual and couple's work and has had additional training in parenting, sex therapy, and couple's therapy.

Christina has a passion for applying all that she has learned overseas to help in the de-stigmatization of mental health concerns in the Caribbean and uses her platform to engage in productive collaboration with colleagues in Canada, St. Lucia, and Jamaica. Christina's vision for JamPsych is to help forge stronger ties between the media and the Society for the benefit of all Jamaicans and the development of Caribbean Psychology.



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Christina Silvera, MSc

Director of Membership 

Ms. Christina Silvera is an Associate Clinical Psychologist. She holds a Master’s degree in
clinical psychology from the University of the West Indies. She has also continued her
education to become proficient in ADHD management and Parent Coaching. She is currently conducting psychological assessments and individual therapy at the offices of Clinical Psychologists in Jamaica. Her clinical interests include Executive Function Skills, Suicide and Self Harm, Emotion Dysregulation, Play Therapy, Parent Training Depression and Adolescent and Adult Mental Health. Christina has presented her academic research at local and international conferences. Her research projects have examined Women’s Perspectives, Risky Sexual Practices. While these are still her interest, she hopes to partake in research that align with her clinical interests.


Christina serves as the Director of Membership for the Jamaican Psychological Society. She
has also been a member of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force since 2007.





Chaday Nelson, Msc

Director of Education

Mrs. Chaday Nelson is a Licensed Masters Level Clinical Psychologist, who graduated with distinction from the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus.  She also completed a B.Sc., with first class honours, in Psychology (major), Human Resource Development (minor) at the UWI. She previously served as the Director of Membership on the executive body of the Jamaica Psychological Society, where she now serves as the Director of Education.  She is also a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Mrs. Nelson has been working in the field of psychology, as a practitioner and academic, for more than a decade.


Her professional interests include training in risk assessment for violence in youth, case management, well-being across the lifespan (to include psychotherapy and psychological assessment) and parenting.



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Melody Samuels, MSc
NorthEastern Regional Rep

Melody Samuels is a licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist serving the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) in the North East Region, which spans St. Mary, Portland, and St. Ann.  She gained her education at the University of the West Indies, Mona (MSc, Clinical Psychology) and Williams College in Massachusetts (BA, Psychology).

With some training in Play Therapy, Miss Samuels applies her knowledge to helping children and families within the CPFSA’s reach and beyond. She has also helped to coordinate and run therapeutic camps for the Agency.



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Yvette Boucher Gardner, MSc
Western Regional Rep

Yvette Boucher Gardner is a licensed associate counselling psychologist for the island  of Jamaica. Her expertise includes counselling with families and individuals who are experiencing challenges in functioning optimally in different settings. She has worked extensively with the adolescent population. For the past eleven years, Mrs. Boucher-Gardner has been a lecturer in psychology subjects at a number of the island's tertiary institutions, including the University of the West Indies, (Western Jamaica Campus) and the College of Theology and Interdisciplinary Studies.


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Venese Madden, Ph.D, J.P

Southern Region Representative 

Venese Madden is a licensed counselling psychologist, an assistant professor and coordinator for the Department of Graduate Psychology at Northern Caribbean University.
She provides clinical services for individuals, couples, family and groups. She is a certified telemental health provider, certified Parent-child interaction (PCIT) therapist who works with parents and their children with serious acting out behaviours and conducts pre-marital and marital seminars with PREP (Prevention Enhancement Relationship Programme) a couple’s enrichment programme that teaches couples skills to enhance or rebuild their relationships.
Her research interests are in, couples’ communication and marital quality, adverse Childhood experiences (ACEs), parent-child interaction, stress management and grief and loss. She is actively involved in community services as a volunteer first responder for the chaplaincy  arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, a restorative justice facilitator, a Justice of the Peace and a Child Diversion mentor.


Venese earned her PhD from Northern Caribbean University. She is a member of Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych) and an affiliate member of the American Psychological Association (APA). She is driven by the motto: “you can only be true to yourself and others when you are true to



Ronaldo Brown, BSc (pending)
Student Representative


Rolando Brown is currently a first-year student at the University of the west indies, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Psychology. In the future, he aspires to be a social psychologist with an end goal of furthering the field's knowledge on social interactions and their origins. He considers himself to be an ambitious and adventurous individual who is driven in pursuit of his goals and lives and stands by the Quote: “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that, I learn from him.”



Heather Whyte Murray, Msc



Mrs. Heather Whyte Murray is a licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish in Massachusetts, U.S.A. and later attended the University of the West Indies, Mona, where she earned her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. She has over eight years of experience with helping individuals and families cope with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems and adjustment difficulties. She has conducted clinical work through different local private practices, done telephone counselling with the University of the West Indies Health Centre and acted as a research supervisor with the International University of the Caribbean.


Mrs. Whyte Murray currently works at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital serving women and the mental health needs associated with their gynaecological health as well as the pregnancy and postpartum period. Her professional interests include public education on mental health, positive psychology, parenting, as well as couples’ well-being and success. 



Scope of Practice

JamPsych's Scope of Practice outlines the the tasks and roles associated with different categories of psychologist and counsellors who are members of the Society.