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Filing an Ethical Complaint with JamPsych


In order to file a complaint, you first have to verify that the psychologist/counsellor you wish to file the complaint against is a member of the Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych). The JamPsych is a voluntary membership organization. We do not have authority over Psychologists/Counsellors who are not members of JamPsych and therefore we cannot process complaints against non-members. 


If the clinician is not a member of JamPsych and is found to be in violation you will be redirected to the Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM; the licensing body). 


You may contact our membership office to determine if the Psychologist/Counsellor is a member. Please be prepared to provide the psychologist’s name, parish of practice, and telephone number of their practice when possible. 




Reporting an ethical complaint:
  • You may write, scan  and email a letter marked “confidential” to the committee. 

  • Upon response from JamPsych acknowledging receipt of your complaint, you will be asked to download, complete and email the complaint form with the relevant supporting documentation to: 

Ethics Committee:


Please be sure to sign each of the required releases at the end of the form. Your form cannot be processed without your signature. If the releases are not signed or you have omitted other required information, we will not be able to process the complaint form and it will be returned to you. 


Note that JamPsych may not accept anonymous complaints.

Please read the following document: Filing and Ethical Complaint before proceeding with the reporting process.

Jamaican Psychological Society Code of Ethics


Filing an Ethical Complaint

Telepsychology Guidelines

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