Kai A. D. Morgan, PsyD



Dr. Kai A. D. Morgan is the President of the Jamaican Psychological Society. She is a clinical psychologist at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus where she has worked as a lecturer for the past 14 years, teaching in the Bachelors of Medicine & Surgery programme, DM Psychiatry Residency Programme, and Masters programme in Clinical Psychology. She is also a consultant for the University Hospital of the West Indies, where she runs a psychology outpatient clinic. She also maintains a small private practice where she conducts assessments and offers therapeutic services for couples, children, adolescents and adults. Her major research interests are: Caribbean psychology, cross-cultural psychology, Borderline Personality Disorder, sport psychology, sexual behaviour& couples issues / therapy.

Contact: jampsychpresident@gmail.com


Joan Latty, PsyD

Vice President


Joan Latty is the Director of the Counselling and Psychological Services Centre (CPSC) at Northern Caribbean University (NCU). She earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University and a M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology, Marriage and Family emphasis, from Northern Caribbean University. She has over thirty years’ experience in the field, providing clinical services to individuals, couples, families and children experiencing a range of mental health relational and social challenges. She held membership in professional organizations such as The Jamaica Association of Guidance Counsellors in Education (JAGCE), National Board of certified Counsellors (NBCC) and presently the Jamaican Psychological Society. She has served the JAGCE in various capacities to include Regional President, Vice President, General Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Chair of the constitution Committee. As a member of NBCC Jamaica, she also served on the Job analysis Advisory Committee towards creating Counsellors Certification Examinations. Joan is qualified and equipped to conduct clinical assessments and diagnosis of mental disorders, along with providing psychotherapy, clinical supervision and consultancy. She continues to conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and talk shows and has contributed to articles on clinical and relational issues. Joan’s expertise is in the areas of traumatology – clinical assessment, individual and group psychotherapy.  She is presently in the process of writing her first book – “Trauma and Society.”

Contact: jampsychvicepresident@gmail.com


Makesha Evans, PhD


Director of Education


Dr. Makesha Evans has functioned as a senior educational administrator for over ten years and is also an experienced instructional designer and corporate trainer. Dr. Evans is a lecturer and research supervisor for several master’s and doctoral level programmes, and specializes in psychological education and training. She is Executive Vice President of the Jamaica Association of Private Tertiary Institutions (JAPTI), and chairs the Jamaican Core Group of the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE). She is currently serving as a resource person for the Psychology and Counselling Standards Committee of the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), and for the Caribbean Association of Professional Chaplains (CAPC). Dr. Evans holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Warwick, UK; a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Phoenix, USA; and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Pure and Applied Sciences from the Open University and the University of the West Indies, respectively. Dr. Evans’ research interests include chemosensory psychology, performance psychology, distributed cognition and distributed education. 

Contact: jampsycheducation@gmail.com



Margarett Barnett, PhD

Director of Advocacy


Dr. Margarett Barnett is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University College of the Caribbean and a Consultant at the Jamaica Theological Seminary. Dr. Barnett has spent over twenty years working in private, nonprofit organizations that focus on providing services to young people and their families. During this time she has worked as a Counsellor, Program Director, Trainer, Project Manager and Church/School Administrator.

Her professional interests are in the areas of integral psychology (particularly the intersection of psychology, spirituality & business), reflective processes such as dialogue and contemplative practices for building a high trust culture in organizations,  leadership studies (particularly servant leadership and transformational leadership), emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, renewal, passion, and life balance at work, family dynamics in the workplace, and long-term sustainability and fostering a triple bottom line in organizations.

Dr. Barnett enjoys a blend of work as an educator, researcher, and consultant. 

Contact: jampsychadvocacy@gmail.com



Janet Cain-Walters, PhD


Dr. Janet Cain-Walters is the Director of the Community Counselling and Restorative Justice Centre at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and a Licensed Associate Counselling Psychologist. She earned a PhD. In Counselling Psychology (emphasis in Marriage and Family therapy) from Northern Caribbean University. Dr. Cain-Walters provides clinical services to individuals, couples, families and children who are experiencing diverse mental health, relational and social issues. Dr. Cain-Walters also facilitates on-site practicum supervision for both Undergrads and Master’s students (Northern Caribbean University). She continues to conduct outreach programmes in the communities such as empowerment trainings, seminars, and workshops.

She is an International Affiliate member of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and Professional Member of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Dr. Cain-Walters is a former Banker.

Contact: jampsychtreasurer1@gmail.com


Rosemarie Chung-Voordouw, M.A.

Director of Public Relations


Rosemarie Voordouw is an Associate Counselling Psychologist with over 18 years’ experience in individual and group counselling. She holds an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology and an MBA from the University of Liverpool. She especially focuses on the link between thoughts and behaviour and the elimination of irrational emotions in achieving personal growth, managing stress and creating positive relationships.


Rosemarie has been a visiting lecturer in Counselling, Advanced Training and Research in the Fertility Management Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies. She has also been a visiting lecturer in Psychology at the University Hospital of the West Indies’ Nursing School and a Writer and Course Lecturer in the M.Sc. in Family Counselling program at the University of the West Indies.


Rosemarie currently works in the Financial Services Industry where she uses psychological principles to drive behaviour and cultural change. She serves as Public Relations Director on the executive of the Jamaican Psychological Society (Jampsych).

Contact: jampsychpublicrelations@gmail.com

Djavila Ho, MSc, Clinical Psychology

Director of Membership 

Mrs. Djavila Ho is a Licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist. An alumnus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, she completed her B.Sc. in Psychology (with First Class Honors) and subsequently her M.Sc in Clinical Psychology (with Distinction).


Djavila has recently returned to Jamaica and is currently working independently--collaborating on research projects and conducting psychological assessments and individual therapy part-time at a local private practice. She previously worked as the Clinical Psychologist at the Kingston Public Hospital & Victoria Jubilee Hospital with a diverse population of inpatients, outpatients and their families, as well as hospital staff.  She has past experience in providing on-site practicum supervision for Masters students (Northern Caribbean University) and research supervision and external marking of research papers for undergraduate students (International University of the Caribbean). Her interests include issues of adolescent and adult mental health care, public mental health, grief counselling, trauma related disorders, psychological first-aid, neuropsychology and mood disorders.


She is an International Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and member of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). She serves as the Director of Membership for the Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych).

Contact: jampsychmembership@gmail.com




Tamaya Wilson, Msc

Counselling Executive


Mrs. Tamaya Wilson is an Associate Counselling Psychologist. She holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology (CGST) and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and Marketing from the University of Technology, Jamaica.


Her sojourn as a Counsellor includes work at the Vocational Training Development Institute, the Women's Resource and Outreach Centre, Stella Maris Foundation and the National Council on Drug Abuse. Her work in these institutions has equipped her with experience to work with a wide range of problems, age groups and socio-economic groups.



She counsels privately and is an Adjunct Lecturer at CGST. 
Mrs. Wilson has also been one of the hosts for the radio programme "Family Time" on Love 101 for more than five years.

Venese Madden, Ph.D

Southern Region Representative 

Venese Madden is a licensed counselling psychologist. She holds a PhD in Counselling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northern Caribbean University where she serves as an assistant professor in the Behavioural and Social Sciences department.  Her interests are in couples and family dynamics, communication, stress management and grief and loss. 


Venese has training in PREP (Prevention Enhancement Relationship Programme) a marriage enrichment programme that through workshops/ seminars teaches couples skills to enhance, maintain and/or rebuild their relationships. She is actively involved in community services and is a volunteer first responder for the chaplaincy arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. She is a member of Jamaican Psychological Society (Jampsych) and an international Affiliate member of the American Psychological Association (APA).  

Jennifer Stuart-Dixon, BSc. MHS, DPsych

Western Region Representative 


Dr Stuart-Dixon is the psychotherapist at the Western Jamaica campus of the University of the West
Indies. A graduate of Middlesex University in England, she holds a Doctorate Degree in
Psychotherapy. In addition to being a psychotherapist, she is also an independent consultant
working in the field of public health for the past 15 years with an emphasis on HIV prevention,
behaviour change and adolescent sexual health.


Dr Stuart-Dixon has worked for several international donor agencies providing technical assistance
in Jamaica as well as countries in the wider Caribbean and South and Central America. She is
currently a board member of Children of Faith - a NGO that serves the needs of children and families
made vulnerable due to HIV; she also maintains a private practice. Dr Stuart-Dixon is a professional
member of the Jamaican Psychological Society and the American Counselling Association.

Pearnel Bell, PhD

Northeast Region Representative 


Dr. Pearnel Bell is the Regional Clinical Psychologist at the Northeast Regional
Health Authority (NERHA), and Adjunct Faculty at Adler Graduate School in
Minnesota, USA. She is also Faculty in the Behavioural Sciences Department at
Yorkville University, Canada.


Dr. Bell is the chairperson for the Committee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill
(CUMI) and Development Manager of Childline Jamaica.
Dr. Bell holds a PhD in Psychology from the Capella University and Post-
Doctoral Studies in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. She has
presented at international conferences across the USA and Canada. Dr. Bell has made
significant contributions to the field of psychology, she is sought after to provide
psychological perspective on many issues affecting the Jamaican psyche, frequently
quoted in the news media, and is highly respected for her contribution to the field of


Dr. Bell has been providing psychological services since 2003. She is also in private
practice as a clinical psychologist specializing in child, adolescence, and adult
intervention. She is a Consultant to Corporate Jamaica where she provides
Organization Development Interventions. She is the author of eight books. Her
research interests are in the Neurobiological Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder (ADHD). She also has research interest in Conversion Disorder (formerly Mass
Hysteria). She has a very busy schedule but finds time to relax with friends and family
for her monthly poetry evenings.



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