About Licensure

The licensure of all practicing psychologists and counsellors has been approved and mandated by the Council of Professions Allied to Medicine (CPAM) (formerly called the Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine). The Council adjudicates all matters related to licensure as a practicing professional, ethical issues/concerns and will also approve and monitor continuing education units (CEUs).

JamPsych was approved by the Council to represent psychologists and counsellors and the JamPsych President was elected, by our Executive Board, to sit on the Council. Other professions governed by CPAM include nutritionists, dieticians, audiologists, medical technologists, chiropodists and physiotherapists, to name a few. The Council members meet once per month.

Licensure will be offered in 5 categories:

  1. Clinical

  2. Counseling

  3. Applied-Social

  4. Educational or School Psychologist

  5. Professional Counselor


Within each category, psychologists and counsellors may be licensed at the Masters or Doctoral levels. Certification will also include a notation regarding the qualification for conducting psychological assessments. Please see our Scope of Practice for specific details of this.

Please remember to date and sign the end of the infamous conduct guidelines when submitting your application for licensure.

For further information please contact the Council of Professions Allied to Medicine (CPSM) at 876-633-7789-92 

Download CPAM Application Form
Review Scope of Practice
Review Infamous Conduct Guidelines
Download CEUs Report Form

List of Clinical Supervisors*

*This is not a comprehensive listing of approved supervisors, but a list of those with certification in Clinical Supervision. See Scope of Practice for criteria of approved supervisors.

Registered Clinical Psychologists 

Name                                                   Contact 

Dr. Charmine Johnson-Garwood                       charmineg@hotmail.com

Dr. Joan Latty                                                     joanlatty2@yahoo.com

Dr. Kai Morgan                                                   kadmorganpractice75@gmail.com

Dr. Cheril Thompson                                          cheril.thompson@ncu.edu.jm


Registered Counselling Psychologists 

Name                                                     Contact 

Dr. Venese Madden                                           vmadden3@gmail.com

Dr. Eulalee Thompson                                       eulaleethomp@yahoo.com

Dr. Janet Walters                                                janet.walters@ncu.edu.jm

Dr. Sheriffa Wilkins-Colquhoun                          wilkins.antonette@gmail.com

Registered Associate Counselling Psychologists 

Name                                                     Contact 

Ms. Sharon Anderson                                      shazfm@aol.com

Mrs. Pauline Bain                                             pm.bain.15@gmail.com

Mrs. Sharon Brown                                           sharon.brown@uwimona.edu.jm

Mrs. Jennifer James                                         jenniferrjames@gmail.com

Mr. Craig McNally                                            craigmcnally@yahoo.com

Mrs. Marlene Pottinger Gyles                          mpotgyles@yahoo.com

Mr. Raphael Wellington                                    raphan143@gmail.com

Registered Professional Counsellor 

Name                                                    Contact 

Dr. Jennifer Stuart-Dixon                                  jennifer.stuartdixon@gmail.com

Consultant Child Psychiatrist 

Name                                                    Contact 

Dr. Ganesh Shetty                                            patient.info.2010@gmail.com

Download Re-Registration Form

Supervised Experience Log 

Key for Supervised Experience Log 

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