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About JamPsych Membership


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Jamaican Psychological Society!


The Jamaican Psychological Society invites all individuals studying and working in the fields of psychology and counselling to become a member of the society. There are several categories of membership and these are described below.

If you have any questions concerning membership please contact the Director of Membership at or our administrative office at (876) 484-1999.

We are now fully virtual which means applications are done online, all payments made virtually, and membership cards and certificates are delivered via email.

Membership Categories & Annual Fees

Full Member - $4000

These individuals hold a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in psychology or counselling.

Affiliate Member - $2500

These are individuals who (a) have completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology or counselling or (b) are holders of a Doctoral or Masters degree in fields related to psychology or counselling. 

International Affiliate (M) Member - $30USD

These individuals meet the requirement of a full member but do not reside in Jamaica.

International Affiliate (B) Member- $20USD

These individuals meet the requirement of an affiliate member but do not reside in Jamaica.

Student Member - $1000

These individuals are enrolled in an academic program in psychology or counselling at any level (bachelors, master’s or doctoral).

APA International Affiliate Membership

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**Annual Membership fees become due for each member on the 1st of July of each year and cover fees associated with your membership until June 30th of the following year. Fees paid at any point following July 1st stand only for the period indicated above, with the exception being fees paid within 4 weeks prior to the end of the membership year; as this payment will also serve for the subsequent year.

Note: degrees now have to be verified by a JP and uploaded with application, ensuring that the embossment is visible. 

Learn about the JamPsych executive body

  1. Complete the membership form which can be downloaded from our website link provided above. This form is in a manipulatable format and so you can complete it on your computer and print. Be sure to indicate the category of membership to which you are applying. (Click on link below)

  2. Provide certified copies of all degrees obtained. This must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP). 

  3. The University must be recognized by the society's education committee.

  4. A copy of your CV/resume

  5. Student applicants are required to provide proof of enrollment in a program. This can be a status letter issued by the your institution or a copy of a valid school ID.

  6. While academic transcripts are no longer a standard requirement for applications for membership to JamPsych, the Society reserves the right to request an official academic transcript of any applicant for the purpose of verifying qualifications.

All required documentation must be:

emailed to the Director of Membership at

Please wait to receive notification concerning the status of your application from our Director of Membership. If you have not received an email response in 4 weeks please contact us at to query the status of your application.

A note to our prospective members: All information related to applications will be held in strict confidence and will be used only for the purpose of assessing eligibility for membership to the society.

Payment Options

Once you have been approved as a member you may pay your membership fees using any of the following options:

  1. By way of Electronic Funds Transfer to our NCB Checking account (Account Number: 291016618; Branch: Private Banking Centre, Constant Spring Road). You may also make direct cash or cheque deposit to our NCB account.

  2. By using PayPal (Account name: ). 

****N.B- Cheques can now be written to "JAMPSYCH" instead of writing out "Jamaican Psychological Society"****


We ask that you email us a copy of your receipt or online transfer verification page once your transaction is complete. These can be emailed to, and will be passed on to the society’s treasurer.

Becoming a Member

Join a committee

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