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The Members Listed Are

  • Paid-up members in good standing with the Society.

  • Full Members are individuals who hold a master's or doctoral degree in psychology or counselling.

  • International Affiliate Members meet the same criteria as full members but reside outside of Jamaica.

  • Affiliate Members are individuals who a) hold a Bachelor's Degree in psychology or counselling or b) hold Master's or Doctoral Degree in a field related to psychology or counselling.

  • Student Members are individuals who are currently pursuing studies in psychology or counselling at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

  • For Full and International Affiliate Members, this listing does not represent a declaration of licensure or eligibility to practice.

Our Members


The following is a listing of members of the Jamaican Psychological Society (JamPsych). This is not a comprehensive listing of our members but of those who have granted permission for publication.

Full Members
International Affiliate Members
Affiliate Members
Student Members
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